Nigerian actress, Amanda Ebeye, shoots directorial debut in Canada

Nigerian actress, Amanda Ebeye, recently visited Canada where she went to shoot her first movie, a short film titled, Horrors”.

The movie marked her directorial debut and is centred on single mothers.

On her experience while filming in Canada, Ebeye said,

“It was actually amazing filming a movie in Canada. Canadians are about the nicest people in the world. And just like Nigerians, they are very welcoming to filmmakers.”

“It was a beautiful experience, from the owners of the locations we used, to the cast and crew, and onlookers that cheered us on.”

“Horrors” tells the story of a single mother. The story came to me while pregnant and I started developing it once I got to film school.

“I actually went to school to learn how to make that film. A lot of single mums feel regret or hatred towards their children because it did not work out between them and their baby fathers, and that is extremely wrong because the child is innocent. The child has no duty to love you; it is your duty to love the child. Any irritation towards that child affects him or her negatively,” she said.

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