NBA Basketball Star, Andre Iguodala Joins Jumia Board of Directors

Leading e-commerce platform in Africa announces the addition of the NBA player and tech “ambassador” on its board.
Andre Iguodala, a member of the three-time reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors, has joined the Board of Directors of Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa.

As Jumia’s ambassador charged with promoting business development and technology in Africa, Iguodala will bring his network in the technology industry, interest in Africa and vast experience as an athlete on one of the most successful teams in NBA basketball history.

Andre Iguodala plays for the three-time reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors and is widely recognized for his interest and knowledge in technology and e-commerce. And as a member of the Board and a Jumia’s ambassador, he is charged with promoting business development and technology in Africa.

Andre Iguodala who has a strong Nigerian heritage hopes to use his success in basketball to improve life in Africa.

Because of my Nigerian heritage, Jumia’s use of technology to deliver innovative online services to consumers and improve the quality of everyday life in Africa is very important to me,” says Andre Iguodala.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this unique enterprise that is shaping the future of digital Africa

Iguodala who plays for one of the most successful teams in NBA basketball history has also invested in over 40 companies through F9 Strategies. These companies include GOAT, Zoom, HIMS, Lime, Walker & Co., Thrive Global, AllBirds, Casper, STANCE and Carta.

Iguodala has also partnered with Bloomberg to create the annual Players Technology Summit, which convenes top executives and leaders in the technology, venture capital and sports communities will be bringing to Jumia’s Board his vast experience in the sports industry and vast network in the technology industry.

According to Jumia Co-Founders, Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara said: “Andre is a role model to many of us, and we are very proud to have him join Jumia and help us drive the company forward. We appreciate his commitment and passion for the tech industry and for Africa, and we can’t wait to collaborate and accelerate our impact on the continent.

Finally, having Andre join our board sends the world the message that Africa has successful companies and great entrepreneurs, and that athletes can play a key role in contributing to their success.

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