US-Based Liberian Group Launches Scholarship for Students

A group of Bassa-speaking Liberian citizens residing in  Pennsylvania, USA, UNIBOA-PA, recently visited their local province with an objective of giving back to the county.

Toman Gboyah, UNIBOA-PA representative in Liberia, said if Liberia is to move forward in terms of education every citizen in and out of country needs to join together.

“UNIBOA-PA president Ismael Trokon Johnson believes that helping our citizens back home is important because there are people who cannot afford to send their child or children to school like those that were selected for this year’s scholarship program”, Gboyah noted.

He continued: “On September 12, 2018, Mr. Amos Boeyou from Grand Bassa Education Foundation and I visited several schools which includes; Brumskine High School, Seventh Day Adventist High School, Bassa High School, Demonstration School amongst others to pay the tuition of the students that were selected to benefit from UNIBOA-PA Scholarship program this year”.

“This group is actually intended to help our brothers in this country since we are out there hustling. We don’t need pay from anyone for helping them but we feel that our home is our home and we need to help build it for ourselves”.

Amos Boeyou, Coordinator of Grand Bassa Education Foundation, told FrontPage Africa that they selected the students’ base on their needs.

“We have paid 40% of the tuition of the students and we are going to ensure that they stay in school this academic year based on the directive of Mr. Ismael Trokon Johnson, UNIBOA –PA president”, Boeyou said.

Rita Tokpah, a beneficiary of the scholarship, describes the intervention as very timely.

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