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Moroccan Expatriates in Canada to Contribute to Moroccan Economy

Morocco seeks to benefit from the expertise of Moroccan expatriates in Canada.

By Taha Mebtoul 

Morocco’s delegate minister in charge of Moroccan expatriates, Nezha El Ouafi, and Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin Barette, held a meeting in Montreal on February 28 to discuss the prospect of bringing the expertise of Moroccans in Canada to Moroccan organizations.

The two officials discussed enhancing and furthering the skills that the Moroccan diaspora has developed during their stay in Canada.

Morocco’s delegate minister in charge of Moroccan expatriates, Nezha El Ouafi, and Quebec’s minister of Immigration, francization and integration, Simon Jolin Barette,

The two parts agreed on signing a partnership agreement, to establish an exchange program to transfer the expatriates’ potential to Moroccan sectors.

El Ouafi and Jolin Barette also highlighted the major role that Moroccans play in contributing to Canada’s development. The Canadian official pointed out that the presence of Moroccans adds to the diversity of Canada’s population. and t promotes the success of the country’s immigration policy.

The two countries have a history of exchange in terms of economy and human development that are said to have been beneficial for both parties.

In 2018, Morocco organized the “First Forum on the Mobilization of Skilled Moroccans from Canada in Aeronautics.” The objective was for Morocco’s growing aeronautical sector to channel the expertise and experience of skilled Moroccans in Canada. 

That year, Morocco became Africa’s biggest importer of aeronautical products from Canada.

In 2019, the Canadian Automotive supplier Magna launched the construction work for a mirrors facility in the region of Kenitra, creating 275 job opportunities.

The Montreal meeting also praised how the Moroccan community in Canada has improved the relationship between the two countries.

In May 2019, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honored a Moroccan professor of computer science, awarding him the Canadian National Award for Excellence.

In total, around 160,000 Moroccans live in Canada, of whom 4,000 are students.

In January, Morocco opened a consulate in Toronto to improve consular services for the Moroccan community in the Canadian metropolis.

In August of last year, the Canadian government announced on its official website that it was planning to attract more students from Morocco as part of its policy to make Canada a preferred destination for francophone students.

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