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Nigerian singer Dice Ailes leads #EndSARS protest in Toronto

Dice Ailes and some protesters in Toronto, Canada [DiceAiles]


Nigerian singer Dice Ailes has led a group of #EndSARS protest in Toronto, Canada. The singer says Nigerians have had enough from the overzealous police officers in the country.

In a series of posts shared via his Instagram page on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the singer disclosed that he led the demonstration against the lingering police brutality in Nigeria.

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“Yesterday, Toronto came out with me in numbers to demand change. We have been deprived for so many years our rights as citizens. We are scattered all across the world, running Helter-skelter from one place to another, enduring systems that weren’t designed to favour us, simply because life is unbearable in our natural home,” he wrote.

“But enough is enough. The new generation Nigeria is not afraid! You have turned our brothers and sisters in the police force against us. While we fight for them, they shoot us dead in the streets. But we understand the concept of life, death & sacrifice. And we have given ourselves up so life will be better for the generation after us.”The singer says Nigerians have had enough from the overzealous police officers in the country. [DiceAiles]


“We understand death is inevitable so we are not afraid of your guns. We understand that a lot of the issues we face daily are deeply rooted in poverty. So even after we win our fight against Police brutality in Nigeria. We will fight to end poverty. Fight to end impunity. Fight to end injustice. Fight to end insecurity. The battle hasn’t ended it has only just begun.”

Ailes joins the list of celebrities who have joined or led the #EndSars protest in Nigeria and diaspora.Dipo Awojide and Wizkid (Twitter/Wetalksound)Twitter


Recall Nigerian music superstar Wizkid on Sunday, October, 11, joined hundreds of Nigerians to protest in London for the same campaign.

“For Nigerians youths, don’t let anyone tell you you don’t have a voice,” he told the crowd.

“This is just the beginning!! We won our fight to #ENDSARS .. now Reform the Nigerian police!! #Endpolice brutality! We deserve good governance,” he later said on Twitter.

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