President Donald Trump Calls Nigerian-born Kamaru Usman “An Unbelievable Talent”


Nigerian-born Kamaru Usman, the UFC Welterweight Champion of the World has received high praise from President Donald Trump who has called him “An Unbelievable Talent”

Kamaru Usman is one of the torch-bearers of the UFC. His last three victories over top-tier talents in the Welterweight division mean that he is the current champion of the division. He won the title in a dominant win over Tyron Woodley, following it up with a fantastic win over Colby Covington last December. Usman then successfully defended the title against Jorge Masvidal at Fight Island.

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Usman’s talents have been recognized by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump, while addressing a rally, brought up Usman and his manager, Ali Abdelaziz.

“I watched the fight you had a couple of months ago. (You’re) an unbelievable talent – and (smart), too. It’s a combination. The muscles are important but you’ve got to have the other. He actually looks really good in a suit but he’s one of the few people who look better without a suit. There aren’t too many of us. There aren’t too many of us that can say that. Right, men? The men in this audience, eh?

“I just want to thank you, champion. Good luck. I’ll be watching. You have a big fight coming up. I’ll be watching and it’s a great group of people. A great group of champions. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns: The President will be watching

No prior American President has taken as deep an interest in MMA as Donald Trump. This is mainly because Trump had close ties with the UFC prior to his Presidency, housing the UFC in the ‘Trump Taj Mahal’ when the company was struggling to find venues for their shows.

Trump has also been watching quite a few fights, with his name always coming up whenever Colby Covington fights. Covington is the President’s favorite, but Usman beat him in front of the President last December. That performance is probably what tuned Trump on to the Usman bandwagon.

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While Gilbert Burns may not be on top of the President’s favorite fighters, he is in for a treat when Usman defends his title against Burns. If he is watching, you can expect him to talk about it and praise the fighters.

Read from source Essentially Sports