Day: June 12, 2019

The Trump administration’s Africa policy

By Nick Westcott

Does President Donald Trump have a policy on Africa, and if so what? The answer to this question is both interesting and revealing.

President Trump does not seem to pay much attention to Africa. Apart from his well-publicised comments to a group of senators in January 2018 dismissing the whole of Africa as “shithole countries,” he has not said much about the continent.

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Aunty Dupe’s Buka shares Nigerian street food in pop-up dining series

By Liane Faulder

A local home cook with a flair for Nigerian street food has created a pop-up, summer dinner series called Travelling Dishes From Aunty Dupe’s Buka.

It’s a veritable travelling street food show, specializing in snacks and dishes that the creator, Dupe Adedeji, used to eat as a child when on a road trip with her family.

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US city of Alexandria Celebrates Morocco Day,

The city of Alexandria, Virginia, held its official “Morocco Day” at the Market Square on Saturday, June 9.

“This is monumental because Alexandria, one of America’s oldest cities, is home to 10,000 Moroccans; it is a great place for entrepreneurship and tourism,” said Justin Wilson, Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia.

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