Day: April 8, 2019

African Migrants Strive to Preserve Their Cultural Heritage

By Sharon Birch-Jeffrey*

To experience a taste of African culture deep inside the Big Apple, visitors – including many Senegalese – turn to Le Petit Senegal (Little Senegal), a West African neighborhood in West Harlem, New York.

African grocery shops, fabric stores, hair braiding parlors and regional restaurants sit shoulder to shoulder along the streets.

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Kenyans in diaspora sent home $2 billion

By Kelvin J. Kelley
The estimate by the Pew Research Centre is based on statistics developed last year by the World Bank

The United Kingdom was Kenya’s single-largest source of remittances, with $663 million sent home in 2017.

Kenyans living in the US, which ranked second, sent back $584 million.

Ghana and Senegal each accounted for about $2.2 billion in remittances.

Kenyans living abroad sent almost $2 billion (Sh200 billion) to their families and others in their homeland in 2017, a US data-analysis group said.

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Chef’s Memoir Tackles What It’s Like To Be Young, Gifted And Black In Fine Dining

Kwame Onwuachi is a rising star in the food world — the executive chef at Kith and Kin, a celebrated Afro-Caribbean restaurant in Washington, D.C., and a nominee this year for a prestigious James Beard award.

By Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Maria Godoy

It was the morning after the election of America’s first black president, and Kwame Onwuachi was hungover. He’d been partying all night. He was dealing drugs to survive after he dropped out of college. He was, he says, lost.

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