Day: March 22, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines Hits Back at Washington Post over report

Ethiopian Airlines has hit back at the Washington Post, for stating that the pilot of the ill-fated flight had not practiced on a new simulator for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that killed 157 people, among them 36 Kenyans.

“Ethiopian airline strongly refutes all the baseless and the factually incorrect allegations written by the Washington Post on March 21, 2019” part of the statement read.

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US navy band performs at Nigerian University

The United States Navy brass band on Wednesday thrilled students of the Department of Arts in the University of Lagos. Nigeria.

The band, which is based in Italy, is involved in efforts to strengthen ties with partner nations throughout Europe and Africa.

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SAA warns of new restrictions for South Africans travelling to the US

South African Airways (SAA) has advised its customers of additional restrictions when travelling to the United States.

“In terms of the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there will be additional security requirements for flights to the United States of America (USA) and these will be in the form of restrictions to carry certain specified items in the cabin under specified circumstances,” said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

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In The Other Americans, Laila Lalami reveals what unites and divides us

By David Canfield

Late on a spring night in the Mojave’s Yucca Valley, Driss Guerraoui is killed in a brutal hit-and-run. We meet the man as a helpless victim, but over the course of The Other Americans, he emerges with complexity: a loving grandfather, a flawed husband, a diner operator, a philosophy scholar, a native of Morocco. His death sets into motion a reckoning over 9/11’s long shadow for Muslim Americans, and the treacherous place immigrants occupy in the current climate.

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U.S. military may join Mozambique cyclone rescue, aid agencies told

U.S. military teams could join the cyclone rescue effort in Mozambique, a representative of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) said, according to the minutes of a humanitarian meeting published on Thursday.

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Rescue, Relief Efforts Underway in Cyclone-Hit Southern Africa

The Red Cross says it its deploying two major emergency response units to the port city of Beira in Mozambique to provide services for thousands of people affected by last week’s Cyclone Idai, one of the most destructive storms to hit southern Africa in decades.

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New York City to pay $1.9 million to family of Guinean immigrant killed by NYPD

The city of New York has agreed to pay $1.9 million to the family of an emotionally disturbed cabbie who police shot dead in his Harlem apartment in 2012.

The settlement ends a long-running, contentious lawsuit over the fatal encounter that resulted in an examination of NYPD protocol.

A jury held the city liable for Bah’s wrongful death and awarded Bah’s mother $2.2 million in 2017. The city appealed that verdict, which did not include attorneys’ fees estimated to exceed $1 million.

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US Embassy in Nigeria gives verdict on 2019 elections

The US Embassy in Nigeria has expressed disappointment in the quality of the 2019 elections in Nigeria.

The US Embassy said in a statement on Thursday that low turnout of voters, voter intimidation, interference by security forces, vote buying and violence reportedly marred the conduct of the elections in some locations.

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US Online course jumpstarts Kenyan film-making

By Margaetta wa Gacheru

Interest in film-making has exploded among young Kenyans, hundreds of whom responded to the call that went out from an international film team called “Stories Found” in mid-2018.

The team was offering aspiring young filmmakers a chance to take an online documentary film-making course run by Atlanta-based filmmakers Bud Simpson and James Martin. Kenyans selected for the course would then take part in making a film short or two that highlighted elements of contemporary Kenyan culture.

“More than 300 Kenyans applied to take the course,” says Evie Maina, the former anchorwoman of local TV shows like KBC’s Art-itude and Arts and Culture as well as KTN’s Artistic Thursday.

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Bill Clinton invites eight-year-old Nigerian chess champion, Tanitoluwa

Former US president, Bill Clinton, has invited eight-year-old Nigerian chess champion, Tanitoluwa Adewumi and his parents to his office in Harlem.

Quoting a tweet by media personality, Kyle Griffin, Clinton said, “Refugees enrich our nation and talent is universal, even if opportunity is not.” This story made me smile.

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