Day: November 17, 2018

From Nigeria to Toledo, Richard Olekanma has lived quite a journey

American college football might as well have existed in another universe for University of Toledo senior linebacker Richard Olekanma. Like many kids growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Olekanma simply was worried about his next opportunity for ice cream, and his athletic aspirations were dominated by the Nigerian national pastime of soccer. The report by BRIAN BUCKEY in The Blade.

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Sudanese-American elected into council in Virginia

The number of Sudanese-Americans holding elected public office in the United States has doubled – there are now two. Mohamed Seifeldein won a city council seat on November 6 in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of the capital, Washington. He follows in the footsteps of Mazahir Salih, who was elected to a city council seat in Iowa City, Iowa in 2017. according to this report by John Tanza of the VOA Continue reading “Sudanese-American elected into council in Virginia”