Day: October 19, 2018

AT&T Debuts ‘Nigerian Prince’ In Theaters

AT&T is set to unveil  NIGERIAN PRINCE  to audiences across America. Untold Stories is a film initiative created by AT&T and Tribeca to ensure diverse voices in storytelling are heard and seen in theaters and living rooms across the country.  Written and directed by newcomer Faraday Okoro, and filmed in Lagos, Nigeria, the film is a heist thriller about a Nigerian-American teenager sent to visit relatives in Nigeria against his will, later to join forces with his internet scammer cousin in an attempt to return to the United States on his own. Continue reading “AT&T Debuts ‘Nigerian Prince’ In Theaters”


Spotify Launches Afro Hub to Showcase African Music

Spotify recently launched its Afro Hub initiative as part of its Global Cultures Project. “It’s our mission to uncover every layer of this ancient, expressive and rhythmic musical culture which is an important component of today’s mainstream, modern music,” the popular music streaming service said. This report by  Mazuba Kapambwe of  IR Insider gives more details. Continue reading “Spotify Launches Afro Hub to Showcase African Music”