Day: August 14, 2018

The Bent Pillar at Cypress Hill Cemetery

By Olumide Ebimo Amungo

A walk around Jamaica Avenue introduced me to New York’s vast Cemetery Belt and the ghosts that may lie within.

The French call it promenade, I call it good old strolling. I love to take a walk and since arriving New York it has been my favorite pastime. While in East New York I decided to explore the area towards Queens. Usually I take one of New York’s many straight and long roads and walk all the way to the end. One day, I decided to go up Bradford Street and head towards Jamaica Avenue. The blocks kept falling away as I crossed Sutter, Pitkin, Liberty, and Atlantic avenues until I got to Jamaica Avenue. Continue reading “The Bent Pillar at Cypress Hill Cemetery”


Students launch online shop for rare African ingredients in Canada

Two Nigerian students team up to serve the African community in the Americas with ingredients they are used to.  They created an online shop,Afrocart , which features around 200 products including rare spices, snacks and soups. This report by Nick Boisvert  of  CBC News gives all the details

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African Priests strengthen U.S. Catholic Church

Priest from Africa are helping to bridge gaps  in the Catholic church in America. Forty-three African priests, three deacons and 16 nuns serving in parishes throughout the U.S. gathered in Phoenix  for the 19th annual African Conference of Catholic Clergy and Religious in the United States as reported by  Joyce Coronel in the Catholic Sun

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